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We take gif requests about the BBC show Merlin. All pairings/scenes


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As of today, this blog is on indefinite hiatus.

We are very sorry about this, but we had to do it.

When we started this blog, it was supposed to be something fun. However, as of late, it feels like an obligation. We don’t feel inspired and we don’t feel motivated. We can’t do a proper job if our hearts aren’t in it. And this is why we came to this decision.

We have no plans about when and if the blog will be reactivated. Again, we are really, really sorry. We hope you enjoyed these few months with us.

commentary by bradley and colin requested by wickederthanyou

requested by darksideofthemoon13

Arthur and Merlin in 2x12

requested by Anon

requested by slayingstars

Mergana AU: happily married

requested by anon

Gaius’s looks of disbelief at Merlin’s escapades

requested by whymustichoose

bradley james playing soccer requested by whateverwhoiam

morgana and mordred in the nightmare begins requested by Anon

arthur and guinevere’s wedding requested by starry—eyed